Teenage Poetry


First published in
Lines in the Sand;
New writing on War and

Published by
Frances Lincoln, UK, 2003
The Disinformation Company,
USA, 2003
Compiled and edited by
Mary Hoffman and
Rhiannon Lassiter

Illustration used with kind
permission of Anne-Marie Perks


I had imagined a Peace a woman
tall and cold, marble-refined
slender hands held in elegant lap
an expression of uncompromised calm

Or I had seen Peace an angel, with mighty wings
spread behind a halo of straw-coloured curls
thick white robe to long thin feet
brandishing a flaming sword

So when Peace skulked in, wolf-thin and twitching
his ill-fitting suit stiff with mud and blood and centuries of dust
I stepped back, surprised. Closed my eyes
refusing to see his outstretched hand
missing finger and badly-bitten black nails

Sandra Guy